Micha Ullman, one of Israel’s top sculptors, recipient of the Israel Prize and one of Yerachmiel Schechter’s students, writes in his memories “Perhaps I’ll start with how I became a sculptor. In ‘Bezalel’ we studied calligraphy with Yerachmiel Schechter who was an architect, calligraphy with a nib.  My final project was about Shabbat. He looked at my work and after few minutes said “very good”. I told him, wait a moment, I’m not completely satisfied with the letters. He replied, I wasn’t looking at the letters, I was looking at the spaces. It took me about seven years to understand this sentence until I became a sculptor…” (from the Adi foundation website)

Here, a calligraphy by Ulman the student (1961) and his autograph on the back side

(Courtesy of Schechter Archive, Emuna Collage, Jerusalem)