An exquisite glimpse into the treasure box of calligraphy projects from the late ’50s and the early ’60s created by students of the legendary teacher Yerachmiel Schechter, courtesy of the Schechter archives at Emuna college.
The first project is unsigned and not dated. The second project was created by the student Eliahu (Metuka) Schwartz who, after graduating from Bezalel and training at École des Beaux-Arts, Paris, would establish and head the department of graphic design at the academy of design and education, Wizo Haifa, for years to come.

Art critic Gideon Ofrat writes on his website: “….at the script department of ‘new’ Bezalel, Yerachmiel Schechter seeks the connection between the design of a letter to the instrument it was written with. After the period of writing letters in the style of the bible during Shatz’s Bezalel (Raban type for example), ‘new’ Bezalel searched for a more ‘scientific’ and functional approach to the question of designing a letter.”

Yerachmiel Schechter, who was head of the “new” Bezalel academy for two years (1955-1957), was known for his strict typographic design education. As an independent designer he created, among other things, letters for the sole use of the young El-Al company, as well as the logo of “Am oved” publishers.