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Here you can browse and buy some of the best modern Hebrew fonts available online.

Fan fonts catalogue from Oded Ezer

HebrewTypography.com is an independent digital type foundry. Our aim is to provide discerning clients with modern, well crafted Hebrew typefaces guaranteed to meet the most stringent requirements of aesthetics, legibility and originality.

To clients in need of a uniquely different visual identity that includes Hebrew, we offer custom typeface design, as well as improvement and adaptation of existing typefaces.

To designers looking for distinctive, fresh, contemporary Hebrew typefaces, we offer a catalogue of original fonts available for on-line purchase. Interested in ordering Oded Ezer’s Hebrew fonts for print, internet or apps? Contact us here


Our Hebrew fonts collection includes:

Na (Includes Nikkud): Light / Regular / SemiBold / Bold / Heavy

Rutz (Includes Nikud): Light / Regular / Medium / Bold / Heavy

Alchemist (Includes Nikkud): UltraThin / Thin / UltraLight / Light / Regular / SemiBold / Bold / Black / UltraBlack

Alchemist Condensed: Light / Regular / Bold / Black

Alchemist Extended: Regular / Black

Meoded Sans (Includes Nikkud): Regular / Bold / Black

Meoded Pashut: Light / Regular / Bold / Black

Meoded Pashut Condensed: Light / Regular / Bold / Black

Meoded Serif (Includes Nikkud): Regular / Bold

Kashiach (Includes Nikkud): Regular / Bold / Black / UltraBlack

Ezer Block (Includes Nikkud): Light / Regular / Bold / Heavy

Susita: Light / Bold / Heavy

Systeza (Includes Nikkud): Light / Regular / Bold / Heavy / Inline

Ta’agid: UltraLight / Light / Regular / Bold / Black / UltraBlack

Beit Hillel (Includes Nikkud): Light / Heavy

Shalvata: Light / Medium / Heavy

Neve Zedeq: Light / Regular / Bold

Impacta: Light / Bold

Frankruhlya: Regular

Katom: Heavy

Palestina: Regular / Black / Inline

Kafka: Light / Regular

And custom fonts like: Meta Hebrew, Yes, Migdal, Globes and MSystems

Please note: If you are using Adobe applications, you’ll need the Middle Eastern versions of Indesign/Illustrator/Photoshop etc., to use Hebrew fonts properly.